IESMA - Emergency Management Assistance Team

IESMA supports local emergency management in times of crisis through the Illinois Emergency Management Mutual Aid System (IEMMAS). IEMMAS an agency-based agreement between local governments and IESMA providing mutual aid to agencies that may need emergency management support in times of disaster or other emergencies that may overwhelm local jurisdictions. These services are provided by highly trained members of the Emergency Management Assistance Team (EMAT). EMAT is comprised of teams of elite emergency management professionals divided into three response teams, North, Central and South.  These teams are equipped with the necessary interoperable communications, information technology equipment and mobile Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) to provide needed assistance during a crisis. IESMA-EMAT members assist local emergency managers and chief elected officials with execution of their emergency operations plan.

EMAT member duties Include but are not limited to:

• Assist in the Management of the Local EOC / Provide Support to Local Emergency Managers
• Gather Disaster Intelligence
• Produce Situation Reports for Incident Action Plan
• Provide Forward Command
• Provide Damage Assessment
• Debris Removal Planning
• Shelters & Meals Planning
• Work with Local, County, Regional and State EOC and other MACS.

IESMA-EMAT Team Members

To apply for the IESMA-EMAT team please review the requirements listed below and complete the membership application.

EMAT Team Member Requirements
EMAT Team Member Application

Once completed please send your application to the EMAT Coordinator listed below. 

EMAT Coordinator