IEMMAS Agreement

A vital area of importance is mutual aid through the Illinois Emergency Management Mutual Aid System (IEMMAS), an agency-based agreement between local governments provides for mutual aid to agencies that may need support from other emergency management agencies in times of disaster or emergency. Like other mutual aid structures, this agreement is supported by the staff, equipment, and resources willingly provided by the signatory members of the agreement. Signing the agreement comes at no cost to your jurisdiction and IESMA membership is not a prerequisite. If you need assistance you can contact the 24-hour dispatch center (EM-COM) or reach out to one of the Regional Vice Presidents. 

Another area of IESMA mutual aid consists of 12 generator caches strategically located throughout the state. These caches consist of 30, 60 and 100 Kilowatt generators. Each cache is supported by a generator support trailer equipped to support the missions of all generators in the caches. The generator support trailers are equipped with field connectable cable sets along with weather proof power distribution boxes enabling the connections to field mobile Command posts, (UCP's) and inter operable communications systems, (ITECS). These systems are designed to quickly connect to these state inter operable assets without the need for delays in professional electrical system connections in times of life safety operations. All IESMA assets are dispatched and tracked from the association’s 24-hour dispatch center (EM-COM). 

Does your jurisdiction have an IEMMAS agreement? If not Click Here!

If your agreement has been completed by your jurisdiction please send two original signed copies to the EMAT Coordinator at the address below:

EMAT Coordinator